“Now’s the Time to Maximise the Opportunity of One Touch™”

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With the real estate sector currently flocking to digitisation, Queensland’s property managers are rejoicing in the timely release of the next generation of the Realworks platform: One Touch™ which streamlines the process of completing and signing Form 18a tenancy agreements. Despite only officially launching on 30 March, it’s already being used to execute over 1,000 contracts per week – a figure that continues to rise every day.

In stressful times, anything that makes life simpler is always a welcome reprieve. Early adopters of One Touch™ have fast discovered the system not only makes their lives so much easier but for tenants too. It’s a win/win for everybody. “The process of doing the lease and sending it to the tenant would normally take me a good 10-15 minutes – now it only takes me a maximum of three minutes,” says Samantha Ellis, a property manager with Brisbane’s PropertyZest. “We normally give tenants seven days to return the form back to us but now we’re receiving it back within two or three days, and we haven’t had to chase anyone up since using One Touch™.”

Ellis says for property managers, time is of the essence so the ability to save any time on admin allows extra time to be spent on those more critical aspects of the job including rent roll growth and customer service. “It sends the tenants and you a copy of the lease so you don’t have to do it, then gives you a log of everything from start to finish so in the case of anything to do with RTA or QCAT you’re protected because it’s all there in writing,” adds Ellis. “What’s great about it is that they’re thinking of everything to help a property manager in all different ways.”

Tara Bradbury, Principal Licensee at Active Agents in Hervey Bay, says there’s never been a better time to shift to digital platforms. “Now’s the time to put down those boundaries and maximise the opportunity of One Touch™ to help make our lives easier so that we can be better communicators,” she explains. “It’s more important than ever before to be able to have really good, open, strong communication with tenants and landlords when we’re having intense discussions around financial positions.

“This program allows us to speed up that process and continue to invest our time in those conversations that matter most,” continues Bradbury, “which is getting the best solution for both parties and then allowing a system like One Touch™ to do the work behind the scenes.” For Bradbury and her team, technology and digitisation have always played key roles; in fact, even before the release of One Touch™ her office was completely paperless. “For us it was the next step in continuing that path of leading the way into the digital space in property management,” she adds.

To help new users learn the ropes, The REIQ hosted a webinar tutorial to walk property managers through the process. “I just jumped straight into it without watching the video first,” laughs Bradbury. “If you know your Form 18a it just makes sense – it’s really easy to use. Anyone who’s an established property manager should quite comfortably be able to jump on board really quickly.”

One Touch™ is now available to all property managers and offices subscribed to The REIQ’s Realworks platform.